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Lecture Course in General Pathology for medical students
  Lecture Course in General Pathology for medical students
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MCQs IN ANATOMY A Self-Testing Supplement to Human Anatatomy Locomotory & Central Nervous System
MCQs IN ANATOMY A Self-Testing Supplement to Human Anatatomy Locomotory & Central Nervous System
Код: 26513_VAP07
S.T.Sivkov, S.S.Novakov, 2014, page: 230, Publisher: Lax Book
Цена: 16,00 Лева
The Department of Аnatomy, Histology and Embryology has recently introduced the MCQs exam for student knowledge evaluation. This manual is the result of such an effort for anatomy teaching of medical students.

This method of evaluation has become essential for every student to become familiar with the concept and formats of multiple choice questions. The questions in the book cover all aspects of the locomotoryand CNS system. The degree of difficulty has been graded to extend from those requiring the simplest factual knowledge to good understanding.

The set of MCQs presented in the manual covers the commonly used formats. The questions on anatomy of locomotory system are presented in three chapters - osteology, arthrology and myology with relevant blood and nerve supply. The part of nervous system and skull is organized systematically including ten chapters. The relevant answers to the questions make easy reading.

These should be read in conjunction with relevant anatomy texts. One of the best ways to prepare well for an MCQ exam is to make up MCQs whilst reading a text. It is hoped that this will be stimulating to the students and help with better understanding in acquiring the general skills of performing and reporting anatomy examinations.

It is hoped that this book will provide students with a focused approach to learning MCQs and prepare well for the modules of anatomy of locomotory system and CNS. Although our efforts to ensure accuracy and clarity in the wording of questions any suggestions for improvement will be welcome. We expect considerate and constructive feed-back from the students, in order this manual to go beyond its pure bibliographical value.
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